About these notes

These notes are a quick set of instructions for impatient selectors. For the those who want to know more, we have the tutorial.

Bims Issues

Whitelist in your email system. On Sunday mornings UTC, you should get an email from that address to tell you that an issue is ready. If you don’t see that email by Monday, contact Thomas


You login at You use your report code as the login, and your password that you agreed with Gavin or Thomas.

Paper selection

The first selection screen is the pickup screen. Include all papers that you think are on the topic of your report. You may wish to used your browser-based search to look for keywords.

The second selection screen is the filtering screen. Here you unselect all papers that despite being on topic you don’t want to have in the report.

The difference between the function of these two screens is very important. We use all papers in the pickup screen as positive examples for our machine learning. Whether or not you include a paper in the filtering screen has no influence on machine learning.

Optional tasks

There are two optional tasks

  1. You can sort the papers in your report issue.
  2. You can preview the report issue.

The only mandatory thing for you to do is to press “Finish”.